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Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Life List

I’ve been working on this for a while now and have finally finished my life list, so I thought I would share it with you all. It’s a bucket list of sorts, a list of 100 things I want to learn, see and accomplish in my lifetime. Some of the things are simple, some extravagant, and others are just silly, but together they form my dreams.

1. Write my life list
2. Learn how to French braid
3. Run a marathon
4. Backpack through Europe
5. Read 5 books every month for a year
6. Publish a book
7. Write a sequel to that book
8. Do a cartwheel (I’m always scared I’ll fall on my head)
9. Learn to speak Spanish
10. Win a contest
11. Conquer my fear of heights
12. Design a clothing line
13. Go 6 months without buying a new purse
14. Learn how to play the guitar
15. Buy a house
16. Drive across Canada
17. See a shooting star
18. Make a difference
19. Go bungee jumping
20. Go sky diving
21. Sponsor a child
22. Become a Girl Guide leader
23. Learn to sail
24. Learn to scuba dive
25. Fly a plane
26. Go rock climbing
27. Ride a bull
28. Learn to sew buttons
29. Find a four-leaf clover
30. Learn how to play chess
31. Go kite boarding
32. Swim with dolphins
33. Learn to tap dance
34. Go white-water rafting
35. See the Grand Canyon
36. Go on an Alaskan cruise
37. Get paid to do what I love
38. Take a cooking class
39. Have a closet just for my purses
40. Grow a vegetable garden
41. Take drawing classes
42. Cook a Christmas turkey (by myself)
43. Stop drinking pop
44. Learn to knit a sweater
45. Take spin classes
46. Go to the gym 5 days a week
47. See Anne of Green Gables (again)
48. Make Alfredo sauce from scratch
49. Create my family tree
50. Learn to cut hair
51. Take a girls only vacation (sorry honey)
52. Build patio furniture
53. Go mini golfing
54. Throw a Halloween party
55. Throw a dinner party where I cook all the food from scratch
56. Make a different home-cooked meal every day for 1 month
57. Camp in Algonquin Park (again)
58. Make my own jam
59. Stay in an igloo
60. Go to Disney World
61. Learn to code a website
62. Design a purse
63. Make a dress
64. Learn to sew (I think this should probably go before making a dress)
65. Go on a weeklong canoe trip and camp at a different place each night
66. Learn to play the piano (again)
67. Take an origami class
68. Own a bookstore
69. Do 100 sit-ups (without stopping)
70. Take yoga classes
71. Design comfortable stilettos
72. See the pyramids in Egypt
73. Spend a day at the ROM (again)
74. Go to New York City
75. Build a dollhouse
76. Spend a summer in Portugal
77. Become a mentor
78. Help to make someone’s dreams come true
79. Spend a full weekend only doing things my husband wants to do (no matter how boring the video games are)
80. Have a Freddy Kruger movie marathon
81. Teach my cats to do a trick
82. Have a home library
83. Overcome my fear of riding horses and get back in the saddle
84. Read everything written by Shakespeare
85. See a whale
86. Learn to change the breaks on my car
87. Go deep-sea fishing
88. Read every Jude Deveraux novel
89. Weave a wicker basket
90. Take a ride in a hot-air balloon
91. Go to clown college (I’m really not sure why, but I love clowns)
92. Stay in a bed and breakfast in PEI
93. Swim in each of the 5 great lakes
94. Go to Australia
95. Fill my office walls with my favorite inspirational quotes
96. Learn sign language
97. See the northern lights
98. Invent something useful
99. Do the CN Tower Edge Walk
100. Never lose sight of my core values

I have learned a lot about myself while creating this list and also had some fun. Have you created your life list yet?


  1. Cute Idea. I jotted done some of mine....

    Visit my Sponsor Child in Kenya.
    Live in England (for at least a year)
    Have a English Fling.
    Go to Japan 
    Become a YouthWorker.
    Start Parenting Classes  for Teenage Parents.
    Get at least  one Quote Tattoo.
    Buy my Daughter a Puppy.
    Name My Next Child after one of my Favorite Authors.
    Write a book. (preferably about Sid vicious)
    Get said book to be legible.
    Publish Book.
    Buy a house.
    Buy a Volkswagen Beetle.
    Tour Around Australia.
    Stop Yo-Yo Dieting
    Learn How to Jog.
    Do a Photography Class.
    Get a pedicure (& relax for once!)
    Not Screw up my Daughter! 

    Lace. X

    1. Great list! Good luck in achieving your goals. :) Thanks for stopping by.