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Sunday, December 9, 2012

IndieReader Approved

The Soul's Mark: FOUND has been awarded the IndieReader Approved designation.  

What is IndieReader? IndieReader is an awesome website for book-lovers to get the latest indie book and author news. (read more: here)

What does IndieReader Approved mean? It's a designation created by IndieReader to make it easier for readers and booksellers to identify quality indie titles. In order to achieve this status a book must receive a 4-5 star rating.
Are you looking for your next great read?  Visit IndieReader to explore all the great titles that have been professionally reviewed by IR Staff.
Read on for a snippet of the review of The Soul's Mark: FOUND.

"Verdict: While this classic vampire-human love story could have been no more than another Twilight- style tale of possession, Stoyanoff takes care to create both an innovative backstory for the creation of vampires as well as a believable and entertaining romance."
"The Soul’s Mark, by Ashley Stoyanoff, is a fresh take on the classic fantasy story, but with revitalized interpretations of the mysterious world of vampires and witches.

The tale of Amelia Caldwell begins when this recently-orphaned teenager wins a full-ride scholarship to Willowberg, a university in a small town of the same name that would become her “new start at life.” There, Amelia comes to live with her new pseudo-family, a group of “stunningly gorgeous” but incredibly warm and welcoming twenty-something year olds. Over the next few weeks Amelia learns not only that her new roommates are vampires, but also that she was brought into their world to finally meet her soulmate, Mitchell, who, it is revealed, is also a vampire. On her journey to come to terms with her new life, Amelia discovers much that is surprising about herself, as well.

The many conflicts with which Amelia must contend are not limited to the spell-casting and blood-sucking variety. While she is discovering herself as a member of the supernatural community, she is simultaneously dealing with very real, very human issues." Reviewed by Claire Colburn for IndieReader (read the full review: here)

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