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Friday, February 15, 2013

Meet Mitchell Lang and Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

With the upcoming release of The Soul’s Mark: BROKEN, I thought I would do some Meet a Character from The Soul’s Mark posts. It’s just a quick questionnaire that will introduce the character. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to meet different characters and with each post there will also be a giveaway so make sure not to miss them. :)

Before meeting Mitchell, I would like to say congrats to the winners of the Meet Amelia Caldwell Giveaway!

Crystal N won the $10.00 Amazon eGift Card
Liz L won the eBook Set of The Soul’s Mark: FOUND and The Soul’s Mark: HUNTED

It’s Question Time…

The Basics
Full Name: Mitchell David Lang
Birthday: May 5
Age: 819
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
High School: I didn’t go to high school.
College: I didn't go to college either.
Job: Well, I own most of Willowberg so I don’t really have just one job.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Amelia, except she is more than just a girlfriend.
Best Friend: Amelia, although I’m sure she would not agree. *sighs and smiles* She said Eric, didn’t she?

Physical Attributes
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Light brown, short and wavy
Eye Color: Blue
Piercing/Tattoos: No

Favorite Person: I couldn’t pick just one. There is no way to choose between all the incredible people in my life, but my family is my favorite group of people.
Favorite Food: I’ve always loved Pizza.
Favorite Books: Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Favorite Place: Anywhere Amelia is.
Favorite Movie: Hmmm… It would have to be Scarface.
Favorite Beverage: Um… *shifts awkwardly* …blood.

It’s Giveaway Time!
This week I got a little creative. I saw this awesome Book Pillow in a store a couple years ago and loved it. It’s such a cute idea. When you’re reading you can use the pillow and when you’re not, your book can. :)

Anyway, I decided to make one myself, and I must say it turned out great.


So, for this giveaway, 1 lucky winner will receive this super comfy Book Pillow with a signed copy of The Soul's Mark: FOUND.

Just login to the Rafflecopter widget below to find out how to enter. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Really love the pillow. Great job! I think my cat would fight the book for that spot though!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure your cat would love it. I have one and my cat likes to curl up in the pocket. :) It's so cute.

  2. My favorite person my husband, Jose. He sees every challenge as an opportunity and faces life with an infectious positive attitude. He has made me feel special and desired at times when I didn't think I was deserving and lets me grow into myself without being critical.

    1. He sounds like a wonderful guy. :)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well my favorite person was my grandma because she was there for me no matter what. She never looked down on me. Now I would have to say my husband. He has put up with my crazy ways for 15 years and I could never find anyone else to do that.

    1. Wow, sounds like you have some awesome people in your life. :)
      Thanks for sharing Crystal.

  4. My favorite person. Wow. That's a really hard one. Most days I would have to say my sister. She's always there for me and is always willing to tell me when I'm being crazy (of course, those may be the days that she's not my favorite person, so...)

    1. Hehehe... sisters have a way of being a pain in the butt, don't they? But I know what you mean, they can be awesome as well. :)

  5. Is Olivia Cunning- I love her blog posts, they are the bests and she always makes me laugh with her posts and humility. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Ooooo... I'll have to check out her blog.
      Good luck on the giveaway!

  6. The pillow looks Awsome. :)

    Nawwwww, I love Mitch his such a sweetie. I all ways pictured as a Heath ledger look alike ;)

  7. My mom because she's always there for me :)

    1. Awwwww that's sweet. :) Mom's are the best!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. My little cousin Lucas.
    He's 5 and one day I was crying and he came, hug me and said "Faan(he can't say Fran, so he calls me Fan), don't cry, I love you".

    1. Oooo that is so cute. He's sound like a sweetie!

  9. That is a difficult question to answer. I will have to give you my top 4.
    -My son
    -My daughter
    -My grandson
    -My best friend

    I can always trust them to be there for me no matter how close or far they live from me.

    Love the pillow and LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!

    1. Awww, thanks Josie. You are so sweet. :)

      That's a great list of people. I'm so glad you have so many wonderful people in your life. Thanks for sharing!