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Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Indie/Small Press Reading Challenge Link Round-up (1)

So, for this challenge, my goal is to read 50 Indie/Small Press books in 2013. I’ve found some really fantastic books this year with the challenge, and some new favorite authors. Check out the below list, you may just find your next favorite book, too.

Note: Titles are listed in the order I read them. All titles are linked to my Goodreads review, and author names are linked to their Goodreads author page. All purchase information/links are from

The Books

1 – Exposing Kitty Langley by DeAnna Kinney
(Purchase this eBook for $1.99: here)

2 – Finding Abigail by Christina Smith
(Purchase this eBook for $2.99: here)

3 – Loving Lily Lavender by DeAnna Kinney
(Purchase this eBook for $1.99: here)

4 – The Cape Beanery Chronicles (The Doorknob Society Novella of Short Stories) by M.J. Fletcher
(Purchase this eBook for $2.99: here)

5 – Assimilate by Emily Jack Hayden
(Purchase this eBook for $2.99: here)

6 – The Star Dwellers (The Dwellers, #2) by David Estes
(Purchase this eBook for $3.03: here)

7 – The Wedding of Antanasia Jessica Packwood and Lucius Valeriu by Beth Fantaskey
(Read it free on the author’s website: here)

8 – Lyrics of the Heart by Alexandra Lanc
(Purchase this eBook for $3.99: here)

9 – The Detective Inspectors (The Doorknob Society, #4) by M.J. Fletcher
(Purchase this eBook for $4.99: here)

10 – Luathara (The Otherworld Trilogy, #3) by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
(Purchase this eBook for $3.99: here)

11 – Night Visions (Night Series, #1) by Elena Gray
(Purchase this eBook for $2.99: here)

12 – The Chords of Change by Alexandra Lanc
(Purchase this eBook for $2.99: here)

13 – Bounty for Hunter (Bounty, #1) by A.J. Williams
(Purchase this eBook for $0.99: here)

14 – Of Silk and Fire by Allie Brennan
(Purchase this eBook for $0.99: here)

How are your reading challenges going?  Has any of you found some new awesome books?

Happy Reading!

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