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Friday, October 4, 2013

My First Ever Video Interview

Happy Friday Everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA again.  I've been busy working on the edits for The Soul's Mark: CHANGED and the days have been flying by.  I can't believe we are already in October!  Good news though ... everything is still on track for a December 2013 release.  Yay!
But enough of about that.  I have something to share with you all today.  A couple weeks ago I let you all know that Justine @ Shelves of Books Blog asked me to do a video interview with her.  Well I'm thrilled to share that I figured out how to use my camera thingy on my computer and the interview is done.  So as promised, here is my first ever video interview!

Well I'm off to do some more editing.  I hope you all enjoyed watching the interview.  :)
Take care my lovelies and happy reading!


  1. Wonderful interview! It's surreal to put a voice to your face! I vote you do more videos! :)